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how do i join


How about a 'friend of BritKnitBlogs' button?

Can we post a button even if we are ineligible for membership?

A Wannabe Brit,
xox Kay


how do I get the button onto my blog. Want to put it just over the table for UK knitters. Do I need the code?


I'm a Brit, I knit, but I'm living in the US, probably permanently. Can I still join? Can I? Please? :0)


Would you be able to update the link to my blog on the left??
(Knitting or Something Like it)

I have changed it in Ringsurf, but found the old link here.

Thank you!


whats going on gals..... I have tried to join up a few times but still no luck ! are you being 'knittist'... hahahahaha!
No but seriously what does a gal have to do to join up around here!

You can find my blog at http://www.knitorama.co.uk

please,please,please add me to your ring.



Sorry Gabby - you're in!


Wow, everytime i check back here the list seems to be longer!


Can I join even though my blog is a crochet blog? PLEASE?! There are no UK crochet rings so I'm all on my own :(


Who says we're all "gals"? You're scaring the boys away!



Have done the joining thing - just wondered whether things are active as Ringsurf says there are 89 prospective members in the queue?




Hi sarah
We are indeed active... over-active one might think. Last week the prospective members figure was over 1,300! Damn those bots and spam.

Welcome to the blogring!



When I signed up to the blogring I didn't think I'd been successful because I couldn't see any code to copy. Now I realise I am a member (!) and I haven't put anything on my blog. Don't want to break the ring, so please could you let me have the code. Sorry to be a nuisance and thanks.


hello there...I think this is a great idea, I had trouble finding UK knitter's blogs to read...I've got plenty now and look forward to hearing from you lot!


Sue Krekorian

Hi there, another new member gets in, I hope. I also need instructions on how to get the button onto my blog, please.... as have frustrated myself thoroughly trying to do it by all means within my (extremely)limited knowledge. I'll just have to go and do some knitting to console myself!

Good to join so many fellow fanatical countrypeople.


Susie Hewer

Hi, just tried to sign up - hope it's worked. I too can't get the button to load on my page, but then I am technologically challenged! Please help.

I'm going to be 'extreme knitting' whilst running round the London Marathon on 22 April. Watch out for me and give me a wave if you're around. Better still, come and join our band of knitters from 'Stitch and Bitch London' and the 'Cast Off knitting club' who will be holding a Knit-Out at a pub en-route to support me ;-D Watch out for the April issue of Simply Knitting magazine for details.

Hope to chat to some of you soon.


Hi - can I join??


Hi I tried to join a little while ago, just wondering how long it takes before the site is on the bar on the left? Also, I can't figure out how to put a button in blogger. I put the code in, and it seems to work, but I was wondering how to put a picture in as well that links to the ring? Thanks


Hello all, just found this and decided to join. More blogs to read and covet with all the knitty loveliness.


i think i joined UK knitters webring some time ago but actually i cannot find my site on the list, why?


can't see the code to put it back on my blog?


I applied to join last year but still don't seem to be on the list. Meanwhile there are plenty of sites that haven't been updated for ages. Let me in please!

Nicky S

Just reading above comments, helping me to realise why I haven't had any success joining ring.I take it then there is a huge waiting list?If so, what is it we're waiting for.Or have I just done something wrong?


Cowhide Rugs

hi there, i think it is a really great idea. thank you!

Knitter Scarlet

I've signed up tonight but after looking at some of the comments I don't think I'll hold my breath in being accepted anytime soon LOL.

Anyway, check out my blog at http://knitterscarlet.blog.co.uk



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