dipping my toe in

At the Wednesday Night Knitting (WNK) party on 1 December, Helen, Ting and I committed to posting every week day (or 5x/week). Obviously that hasn't happened... for any of us. At least the girls have tried. Hels tactfully reminded me last night (final WNK!) that I was dragging my feet

Other WNKers with blogs are Lotta and Gail, both of whom are more diligent and blogging, Lucy who is in the lazy camp with us.

Mel and Emma resist the peer pressure to start blogging. Altho the latter might be persuaded.

Please do blog/continue to ladies, I'm going to miss youse.


Emma spying Ting's pressie.



Gail & yummy food, Mel & amazing convertible clothing.



Blue-eyed girls: Lotta, Lucy & Emma.



Me and Hels.



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hi-viz beanie #1

I've debuted the hi-viz look* for 2010:


The pattern is M'gonigle in Dalegarn's Falk.


The very acrylic nature of the yarn doesn't naturally go well with the pattern, but it affords good head coverage. It's been lined with fabric to make it extra snuggly warm, suitable for the snow.


* Worn with Coal's V-Neck Gator in fluro orange for full-face coverage.

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A finished project!

Sort of complete... just waiting for the buttons to reappear.

As discussed, the problem I have is finishing. Which in knitting speak means sewing up all the pieces to make a whole.

How beautiful are these side seams?

On the not so good side are these sleeves.

Unfortunately only one side out of 4 looks good. I think they're going to have to come out.

Next on the list to finish is the qiviut jobbie. But I've hit a snag (the edging), so it's been put aside. With nothing else to keep me occupied, I finished off the socks! Yes, it was just a cast off, but of the tubular variety! It took all of half an hour.

With one project actually finished, I felt justified in starting a new one. It's Colinette's Perugino throw in hot pink thanks to Purl Pirate's recent clear out.

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shame compounded

In typical fashion, rather than competing a project, I have chosen to waste time.

I'd even prefer to compound my own shame rather than meet a deadline.

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Post of Shame

I have a shameful secret. I don't finish my knitting projects.

Every one of these bags represents an unfinished project. Some need only a cast off, others require inspiration. Mostly they need me to get off my arse and just do something.

How did I get to this pitiful state? Mostly distraction: a pretty new yarn or pattern catches my attention. Or maybe it gets tricky, like the fluro orange 'Penelope' beanie which got ripped back more times that I can remember. With this I got into difficulty with the decreases. Brioche stitch nearly broke me.

The plan is to showcase each in turn, and hopefully I will be embarrassed enough to actually complete them. Pester me if I don't.

And here I start with Blithe:

So close, yet so far. Ran out of yarn with the end in sight. Luckily, the lovely Carol from Liberty gave me some of her leftovers, so will get back to this shortly. yes, I said get back to.

When I ran out, I needed something to occupy my fingers so picked up the Scilla Cape (aka unnamed qiviut project). Which itself got ripped back to the möbius collar and re-knitted.

RESOLVED: I will put down the Scilla Cape and finish off the Blithe top.

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I've been working on Kim Hargreaves's 'Blithe' pattern. This is how I started the day:


And this is how it ended:

I fcuked up the increases (you can see the pins on the first pic), they weren't even, so out it came.
It's called tinking, ie un-knitting.

Today is Fred's birthday, and upon reading this review, we decided to try L'Anima to celebrate.

Fred had the black pepper aged beef tagliata, marrow bone & mash:


The marrow bone is filled with mash:


TASTY. As was the fried zucchini.


Now that I re-look at the review, we ate pretty much the same. Fred had the pappardelle with three shrimps and colatura to start while I had the taglierini with garlic, chilli & crab. My main was the tuna veal. The dessert of chocolate hazelnut frozen truffle was divine.

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Handbag Heaven

The Wednesday night knitting group took advantage of the free cocktails and canapes at Liberty and Marc Jacobs presents Handbag Heaven do.

The cocktails weren't very interesting and the canapes were bleh... but the bags? WERE DREADFUL. Check here for the full collection. Although there are one or two on his site that I wouldn't give back if given for free, Liberty seemed to get the worst of it.
Lots of beautiful people (look, it's Ginger Lucy!) and a really simple DJ (at back). There were a couple of photographers none of whom took my photo!

The (middle) floor was blocked off for the event.

So of course we retired to the knitting section. Which has sadly been relocated yet again. Shame, because the last place was brilliant, lots of space and light.

Bloody Liberty.

[Happy birthday Lara!]

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I think I may have found this years' christmas project, Shibui's Transition socks.

And maybe the gloves, too:



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You know what this means, right?


There's cutting to be done.


I went to Helen's this afternoon for some moral support. The deed has been done, step 2 is in process. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Rosie knits

Now that I'm home every day, I've had a glimpse into Rosie's daytime schedule. Like her humans, she's not a morning creature and will snooze until way past midday. She's at her most active in the afternoons, and quite annoying come early evening.

I've been taking photos of her on the iPhone in the various odd positions I find her in. Often they involve knitting. Yesterday she tried some herself.


See more here.

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