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I received this in my inbox today:

Subject: Foyles knitting group
Date: 2 August 2006 12:49:52 BDT
To: pauline


We make a Channel 4 makeover show called ’10 Ye@rs Younger’ where we make people over to help them look 10 ye@rs younger. One contributor we have is in her 50s but dresses in her 70s, and we are looking to film a group of women in their 60s-70s and get 3 women to dress in her clothes to shock her and make her see that she dresses at least a decade too old for her age. How old are the women in your knit group and would you be willing to help us out with our filming? If you are I would love to speak with you in more detail as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Xxxx Xxxxx
10 Ye@rs Younger IV

Researcher's skills obviously don't include letter writing. Or accurate researching.

(The @ is to trick pesky search engines.)

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H@ h@ h@ h@!!!!

Posted by: branwyn | 5 Aug 2006 06:05:08

that's hilarous, what did you reply with?

Posted by: alice | 5 Aug 2006 16:39:23

I got one of those, too. I wasn't impressed with her research skills, either.

Posted by: PurlyQueen | 6 Aug 2006 07:05:24

Think you should invite her along, just so she can see who really knits these days ...!

Posted by: Mary-Lou | 6 Aug 2006 08:07:33

Good grief!

Posted by: Sharon | 7 Aug 2006 08:28:22

I got that one too. Is that really who they think are knitting these days? I sort of let her have it...in a nice way.

Posted by: Michelle | 7 Aug 2006 16:39:17

That is so funny! I'm completely dumbstruck, I had no idea that people still harboured those beliefs...

Posted by: Katarina | 8 Aug 2006 03:09:15

Wow. Do you think she knows television is now in colour?

Posted by: ToveB | 8 Aug 2006 03:50:27

Well at least she left you some kisses!


Posted by: Claire | 10 Aug 2006 15:42:51

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