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London Tuesdays

I got some great pics around Bloomsbury today. Then I dropped the camera as I was going to upload them and broke it.

I feel so naked without a camera. An ex-flatmate Dale once told me that my reality was defined my photos -- if I didn't shoot it, it didn't happen. I never worked out if it was intended as an insult... because I figured it was pretty bang on.

I know I should use this opportunity to work on writing - use those underdeveloped skilled. But I'm miserable at the loss of an old friend so am going to drink to forget.

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oh no!!!

Posted by: helen | 8 Aug 2006 19:04:06

No camera! The humanity!!!!!
(Which is me only slightly taking the pi*ss. That's dreadful. And in birthday week too.)
Still, I hope my birthday present has turned up - for at least a slight cheer up you should read the "Curious Sofa" bit - and remember, there's still time for someone else to buy you a replacement camera before the big day)

Posted by: Niall | 8 Aug 2006 20:56:45

In one of my favorite movies, Mystery Train by Jim Jarmusch, he had one of the main characters always snapping photos, which rather annoyed his traveling companion/girlfriend. She finally complained about it, and he said he only took pictures of the things he was going to forget, and then took a picture of her!

Posted by: Claire | 27 Aug 2006 15:34:03

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