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how's the serenity *



The Palm Tree is an odd pub. It sits next to the canal in essentially what is parkland. It's walls suggest there was once more buildings around, and that it was part of a terrace.


[click on the abve for the panorama]

My guess is that the pub escaped the blitz and then the compulsory purchase/demolition of what survived (and then became slums).

We stopped by while taking Rosie for a walk on Monday afternoon. The call of a cold beer outside was too great to pass up.


Rosie had an admirer. This kid would not leave her alone and wanted to throw the frisbee. Rosie was having none of it and just wanted to scavenge for food.

* if you don't know, shame on you

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Ah, the serenity. The house in Bonny Doon is up for sale, did you know? Or at least it was. On the market for a couple of years, too.

Posted by: madame.x | 15 Jun 2006 23:25:55

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