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furniture... finally!


Three years we've been living in this flat, and we've only just got proper shelving. And let me tell you, it was driving me batshit.

This is what we've been working with all these years:


And now, after a tremendous eBay purchase, a hot, packed car drive to Chelmsford* and a thousand trips up and down the stairs ferrying the multiple pieces into the flat... we have:


Gosh, I love a good Before and After shot. One more for good measure, the view from the lounge:


* apparently the car was so packed to the rafters, Rosie had to sit on Fred's lap as he drove home. And wanted to lie by his feet!

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Looks great! Perfect fit too.

Posted by: Madeline | 18 Jun 2006 08:01:12


Posted by: laura | 19 Jun 2006 12:19:16

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