3 Jan 2013

The stress of a vet visit is only marginally lessened by finding a sunny spot in the waiting room.

This is Eddie. Big Ed. Fat Boy. Carl Williams.
[That last name is a reference to Underbelly (season 1) which we finally finished watching last week in vermont. We started watching it so many years ago that I can't even remember when. Deffo in London, so that makes it >2 yrs. Fred has ordered season 2.]

Big Ed has a weird cloudiness in his left eye. The shelter's clinic staff didn't even look at it. I took him to PAWS' low cost clinic & the vet thought it might be a fungal infection, but had never seen it before. So now we find ourselves waiting to see the legendary Dr G, veterinary ophthalmologist & friend to fosters.

Ed's doing remarkably well for being in a waiting room full of noisy dogs. He's quite even tempered when it comes to all things not Glory.

3 Jan 2013

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My 2013 new year's resolution is to blog again.

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