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Our dear friends Len & Gabrielle are visiting from BC with their baby Lucy. Can't get enough of them - I wish we lived in the same city (even the same street), as we once did.

In fact, forget that - I wish I lived in the place they're staying in! They have house swapped with a couple (and Lucy-aged daughter) in leafy west london. WOW, what a house! I've never seen a terrace so wide, or so beautifully done. It's stylish without being chintzy or overbearing. And a lovely garden. I want me one of them.


Nearly finished Lara's jumper.

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Went for a long-overdue trip to Cambridge to visit Moni & Nick on the weekend. Stopped off at Granchester Meadows for a beer and some frisbee.


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still life and break


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Is there a collective noun for swans?


The little 'uns have one or two white feathers now.


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I'm going to take a small, but well-earned break... I've scheduled some new photos to upload over the interim.

See you next week.

- p.

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I've been participating in Backtack, up until now quite unsuccessfully. The first part of the chain didn't work for me (I received no fabric in order to make for someone else), but the second part has taken my breath away!

I have the lovely Ria to thank for the following [click on pic for larger image].

A knitting needle roll/holder:

A pin cushion with bee shrinky pins, beading and embroidery:

Patterns! Vintage, my favourite sort:

Notions and a toy (freaks the shit outta Rosie!)

How lucky am I to have scored such a talented Bactacker?

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more eBay goodness

I've been trying to save up my PayPal pennies to buy a sewing machine. The money laundering is taking longer than expected, so to tide myself over I recently purchased this:


It arrived this morning, so I've yet to plug it in but I assume it works. It's so tiny (and can run on batteries) that I'll have to take it to my knitting group!

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Dad's scarf

I promised this scarf to Dad some time ago. In fact, when I first saw Jane wear one to our knitting group. The design seem perfectly suited to the colours of Dad's football team.

Then getting the yarn was a saga - it came from NYC, but was wrong so went back again. Then the actual knitting took far too long. It's oh, so soft. I might have to make myself a jumper in Blue Sky Alpaca soon.


Yes, it's an awful picture, but self portraits requiring knees are always difficult. And I made sure there was some living room for the benefit of Crazy Aunt Purl's stalking needs.

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Underground knitting

This morning we knitted on the Underground. It's something that we sometimes do, as just another venue. Today the Circle Line (our usual trip) was still out of action so we tried the Central Line instead.


The first saturday after it's up and running again, we'll be having a Circle Line Knitting party. If you want to come along, keep an eye out on my other site, or Cast Off for more info.

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it's my birthday


on Wednesday, 10 August. The countdown has begun, please remember to shower me with gifts.

I'll put my addy in the comments section, just in case.

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